NO ONE sees you…


NO ONE sees you… «Poem written several years ago« 🙂

NO ONE sees you when you’re lying huddled on the floor, twisting to be able to endure the pain.
NO ONE sees you when spend half the day on the toilet. Blood, mucus and feces thin as water. It etches and causes large wounds. Wounds caused by wiping your behind. If you could you`d rather choose to shower, but have no strength to stand.
NO ONE sees you when you don`t dare to eat food before heading out the door, because you’re afraid the distance to the nearest toilet is too long.
NO ONE sees you when the pain takes over and you pass out from exhaustion.
NO ONE sees you when your gut is full of inflammation and you’re bleeding from small wounds in the intestinal wall.
NO ONE sees you when your friends are at a party and you are asleep at home. Exhausted after several admissions at the hospital being in a poor general condition, fighting a silent battle against the disease. It feels really unfair.
NO ONE sees you when friends fail – family don`t understand.
NO ONE sees you when emotions break you down and medicines ravage trough your body.
NO ONE sees you…

Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen #crohnprinsesse #tarmtrollet

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