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Ingrid bracelet – support a good cause, hospitals, research on gastrointestinal diseases, Norway, sold online, look at my fb page Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen or So What, Make a difference and buy one bracelet for a good cause. Together we are stronger I have Crohn’s disease and works to highlight the prejudice against gastrointestinal diseases

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About Ingrid «me» 🙂 

I am an energetic, positive and joyful lady of 31 years from Hegra. I got the disease «Morbus Crohn»aged 15, a serious disease that stole much of my youth. I have fought my way through the pain, surgery and prejudice. With all my downs, I have turned pain into something positive. I use my experiences good and bad to help others in the same situation. I give lectures nationally and internationally. This is something I’m incredibly proud of, I can thus help to «make a difference» for others in the same situation. So What I have a bowel disease ….. I take challenges in stride and do not want pity, but respect and understanding.

Ingrid bracelet can also be used as necklace in this way.

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How to order

Order Ingrid bracelet here on the blog or FB page So What.  🙂 You can also send mail to me at
All I need is cm around your wrist, address and color you want. I will send the bracelet as soon as I can to you. 🙂

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Support a good cause

Stay tuned, more to come -make a difference- Ingrid 🙂 Look at «This is my story»/»min historie» section 1-10 on my blog. Then you will know me better… 🙂

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