My story – Part III “Friends for life!”


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Best Friends… 🙂

Linn Anette og spareforeningen... 020

This photo here is from my friend Linn Anette `s bachelorette party … I am so lucky that I have many good friends. As mentioned before I am from a small village where everybody knows who you are – for better or worse. All of the girls in the photo has held together since junior high and we have regularly gatherings every second week. We always have fun and can discuss EVERYTING.

Linn Anette og spareforeningen... 004

I really love Linn Anette, Solveig, Hanne, Mona, Anne Britt, Elin and Me. I Don`t not think there is anyone who has that much fun together as we do. We have been close friends now for 15 years. We meet over a good meal at each other’s house two times a month. In addition to all the good conversations, we try to save money as well. Our goal is to spend our savings on travel, but we are better at saving than traveling! I guess I am the one who is most excited about making this happen since I love traveling to different destinations…. LONDON – NYC – BERLIN etc. I mention it about every time we meet that we should start spending some of our savings. GUESS WHAT…. Now it`s finally going to happen!!! 🙂 We are going to Østersund this summer, all of my girls and our families. We are all at different stages in life. Some have small children, some are building their first house, others have jobs and other things that makes it a little difficult to go on far away trips. Therefore Solveig, who is the most “reasonable” of us, the came up with the suggestion that we go to Østersund! This is going to be the family trip of all-times … Full throttle and lots of laughter 🙂

Linn Anette og spareforeningen... 016

We have so much fun that everyone goes home with a stomach ache after all laughter, we have so many stories that NEVER should come out in public 🙂 There are some revealing’s in weddings and birthdays…. Or what Linn Anette? 🙂 Hehe There where a few people that got coffee in their windpipe and hearts that skipped a blow by revelations from the cabin trip about 15 years ago …. 🙂 It was and is the greatest cabin trip ever …. I think we’ll all talk about this trip when we sit at the old folks home some fifty years ahead, reminiscing about the old daysJ Or we’re not going to sit still you know. We are going to have wheelchair- races and keep all the others entertained 🙂

ingrid 110

I`m unbelievable lucky to have such lovely friends …. 🙂 We always take good care of each This was especially clear to me in these heavy years of illness and hardship. They have always been there for me, and motivated me through all these troubled times. Is has been good to know that you have friends like that. You do not need to say anything, but understand just by knowing you so well that they read you right away.

“I have a lively group of friends – that’s for sure”

I have several close friends who are also quite exceptional … Aud Sissel, Beate, Thea, Tone, Ann Mette, Janne and Anita 🙂 I want you all to know that I love you, and that your friendship means the world to me. – Each and every one of you are unique and lovely in your own way. I want to quote Per Fugelli, a Norwegian social scientist with a terminal cancer diagnosis, when he was asked to give a final advice on human relations so nice put it:

“Don`t be just another number on earth. Take care of your flock”



Bilde 004

Må sorteres 077

“She is my best friend and Forradal’s answer to Bridget Jones”

Then we Liv Bente Fossen – what a woman!! She is my best friend and Forradal’s answer to Bridget Jones. Unlike Bridget Jones, she is well established with family and a husband, but everything else fits with Bentis. Very comical and we don`t experience a day without something funny happening … We have had loads of fun through these years. I still remember the first time we met. She came on a moped to a friend’s house and had the all-time haircut and bright red hair. Tomboy with the largest smile I had ever seen. I still get a good laugh when I picture it in my mindJ. We had known each other for 10 minutes when we suddenly had decided to sleep over at each other and that I would start playing for Stjørdals Blink football. Until then I had played fotball with the boys at Hegra until I was 13. Talk about “love at first sight” ….. hehe

ingrid 1879

The rest is history and we have stayed together since, been on lots of trips together which I am also”I`m so incredibly grateful for all our trips and loads of fun Bentis 🙂

London isn’t the same without I don`t think there is a person in the whole world who does not like Bentis – wonderful friend and is now of an educated nurse, of courseJ. It is no wonder she is so caring and always put She always has a solution to everything – always looking at the bright sides when times are It has been nice to have that many caring persons around me when life came to an abrupt change of getting the disease Morbus Crohn. Liv Bente and I worked together as cleaning ladies at Hegra camping site one summer. Then it was good to know that when I had to run to the bathroom 20 times – she understood the seriousness of it and helped me as best she could.


School was ok, but with 70 hospital admissions in three years during high school is not hard to understand that I failed some subjects. These subjects I finished at Aglo Secondary School. Between all the terrible things caused by my decease that summer I found, after a few weeks working at the camping site, that a boy was lurking around us. I had a boyfriend and was convinced that this other guy was interested in Liv Bente! So he, Daniel Melkersen (the manager’s son) often came asking us…. “Do you need any help, just ask me!” “Do you need garden equipment or if you are missing – ask me!” He rummaged so much around us, unusual much, I was a hundred percent sure that he was interested in Liv Bente. Weeks passed and I was now single and he was still around us …. I tried to match the two of them- there was little point! He was interested in another girl, ME! Did not understand it myself. I was convinced that such a nice young boy / man was above me. I arrived early at work one day and then there was a note at the broom cupboard. Nicely written,

“If you have the time and want a date – call me. Daniel “

I thought this was just someone playing a prank on me, because it was so nice handwriting, that I didn`t call! A few days later there was a message on the phone … did not you get my note?

Bilde Daniel1

We moved in together pretty fast. First at the house of his sister. During the time we stayed there, I kept getting sicker and sicker. I remember that we had many dark moments and up/downs in the relationship. It is tough for a young relationship when one is so sick! There were many rounds of emergency services, hospitals and surgeries in the first years together. One episode is stuck to my memory. I was once again struggling with my stomach… It was in the middle of the night. I ran to the bathroom all the time. Couldn`t get out of the bathroom. I was crying and there was blood all over the place. When it had gone on for several hours, Daniel saw no alternative but to call emergency care. He thought this was serious and did not recognize me anymore. I was outside and cried unstoppably. There he met an arrogance of dimensions. “We are so busy right now, can`t it wait until tomorrow?” “Then the doctor’s office is open”. “Can`t it just be that your wife suffers from severe menstrual cramps? Daniel hang up the phone and listened to those who were supposed to know about these things… A few hours later he once again he had to call the emergency service – “I have hold her when she sits to the toilet otherwise she will fall off. She is too weak to sit herself. Can we come down to you, or maybe you can send an ambulance?” The answer was “no, it is so busy…” Then Daniel got furious … he was terrified and telephoned Levanger hospital. There they understood the emergency – It took about 2 hours from the time we drove from Hegra until I was in surgery! I had volvulus and my CRP was over 400 (The normal value is around 8).


Menstruation pain ….??!! We are not calling for help when it is not serious. After this situation, I have had a direct number to the right doctors and hospitals. Mobile number and direct line. I`m one of the few in Norway with Morbus Crohn where the decease is that hard.

“There`s hardly a doctor working with gastrointestinal in Norway who does not know of or have heard of Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen”

Feel free to leave a comment or a question. I will continue to blog on about my illness, but about also other things… Check out Part IIII of my story!