My story – Part I


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Hello, my name is Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen. I have the disease Morbus Crohn. I`m also known as “Crohnprinsesse Ingrid” (Crown Princess) on Instagram. I`m from Hegra in Nord-Trøndelag, a village in the small country of Norway (Scandinavia). And no, Norway is not the capital of SwedenJ. I`ve heard that a lot. I`m 30 years old, married to Daniel and we have three beautiful children together. Educated Interior Designer and have passion for fashion. Shoe fetish, don`t dear think about how many pair of shoes I own! Music is also one of my main interests but only listening to it that is. I work as a model and presenter. LONDON is my second home. Daughter number two out of four. We are four sisters with a span of 20 years between the big sister Gøril and little sister Sarah. I have a HUGE family. A family that I am very proud of. And almost all of us lives around Hegra – very few live far away. Therefore, we are much together, and for instance, a “regular” birthday celebration consists of around 40 family members. 🙂

Three words that describes me … fair, energetic and a bit “posh”.

I am more than just a little interested in sports and can easily be heard at a sports arena. I havebeen doing different kinds of sports all my life and you won`t find not a sports arena, field or ski tracks in my region that my dad hasn`t transported me to. I adore him for that, always being there for me. My childhood idol was Anja Andersen (Danish handball player)! What a woman- what a talent. When it came to football, it was Ole Gunnar Solskjær, my Norwegian hero and of course Eric Cantona. Glory glory Man United. Even if I was into several different sports, there was never any doubt that I had big plans to become the next Anja Andersen. For you young readers who do not know who Anja Andersen was. She was the Lionel Messi in the game of handball at that time. Best ever female handball player. At high school (Meråker videreående skole), there was a special program for students that wanted to be professional athletes in different sports, also handball. This school has produced many stars over the years and especially in cross-country skiing and biathlon. I my class we had Eldar Rønning. He is currently at the Norwegian national team in cross-country skiing and has won several World Championship medals. This school was going to give me the opportunity to make the best out of my talent. This was certainly my major goal as well as big dream. That was sadly not going to be the story ……

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In my next blog post, you can read about when my whole life was turned upside down…